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We offer taxi service to/from Medan Airport?

Yes. For our longer tours, an airport pick-up and drop off service is included as you see in the corresponding itineraries. For our shorter but popular orangutan jungle treks, you can simply book the airport transfer service when submitting your booking request

Our team of local experts can book you private cars or transportation packages saving you time and ensuring you get a competitive rate.


So why not make your trip to Sumatra easier and more comfortable?

All our cars have air-con, seat a maximum of 6 passengers and have drivers who speak both English and Bahasa. We provide a 24/7 service to ensure that our cars are available when you need them.We only use drivers we know and trust.

How to get to Bukit Lawang from Medan?

Fly to Medan. The gateway to Bukit Lawang is the Medan, Sumatra. Fly to Kuala Namu International Airport in Medan. From Medan it is 3/4 hours driving to Bukit Lawang.

By Local Bus (budget travellers). Most local buses to Bukit Lawang leave from a terminal at Kampung Lalang, on the outskirts of Medan. Local buses can get you here for around 6,000 Rupiah, but you may need to learn a bit of Bahasa Indonesia to survive! From Kampung Lalang, a minibus to Bukit Lawang will cost ±30,000 Rupiah per person, and the journey will take 4-5 hours. Be prepared for a lot of Indonesian music being played by the driver! Last bus to Bukit Lawang leaves at 17.30hrs.

Where to Stay in Bukit Lawang?

A recommended accommodation in Bukit Lawang is Ecolodge . It is a beautiful facility and it also donates parts of the proceeds to the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme

Can we feed the orangutans in Gunung Leuser National Park?

Absolutely NO! We treat orangutans respectfully, keep our distance, do not touch them, and do not feed them. The orangutans here are wild, and should be treated accordingly. You will see however that we can nevertheless get quite close to orangutans because they are so peaceful in their nature.

Feeding orangutans may at first sight seem innocent or even a kind gesture, but it will make them aggressive towards humans, lazy to find their own food, or even sick.

We believe it is our responsibility to respect nature and educate our clients about the fragility of it. And we know that travelers will treat our jungle with the same respect once they understand the environmental consequences of our behavior.

Is the Bukit Lawang jungle trekking suitable for children?

Yes. Children really love this jungle trek. For groups with children (but older than 5 years), we prepare extra equipment and guiding and take a less challenging route, and most importantly: We make many stops to just play.

Where can we leave our big luggage during tour?

All accommations in Bukit Lawang offer a free storage service for your luggage while you do your jungle trekking.

In case you do not have an accommodation or there is any other reason this option does not work, then we will store your luggage in Bukit Lawang during the trek.

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