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Sumatra Jungle Trekking

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Get Amazing Experienced in Sumatra Jungle with our Reasonable Price. Choose your Favorite Tour!

3 Hours Jungle Trekking

This trek is good for people who have a limited time in Bukit Lawang, or who want to see the orangutans, but prefers not to sleep in the jungle.

Price 35 Euro / person

1 Day Sumatra Jungle Trekking

This trek takes around six hours – followed by traditional fun rafting by tube down Bohorok River. A great experience with real jungle impressions.

Price 45 Euro / person

2 Days Sumatra Jungle Trekking

Sumatra jungle trekking is a most of our popular trek the two-day trek is for many people the perfect sampling of jungle life.

Price  90 Euro / person

3 Days Sumatra Jungle Trekking

you will go deeper in the jungle to explore more to search wild animals, you will hike more and will increase your knowledge about the tropical ranforest

Price 120 Euro / person

4 Days Sumatra Jungle Trekking

you will have a great chance of observing a wide variety of wildlife such sumatra orangutan and other wildlife. Our expert guide will explain to you about flora and fauna.

Price 165 Euro / person

5 Days Sumatra Jungle Trekking

Feel like a real jungle adventurer ? Opt for a stunning 5 days trek and discover all the secret places of the Gunung Leuser National Park: walk through rivers

Price 200 Euro / person

6 Days Sumatra Jungle Trekking

Opt for a stunning 6 days trek and discover all the secret places of the Gunung Leuser National Park.

Price 300 Euro / person

7 Days Sumatra Jungle Trekking

Our 7 Days/6 Nights trek will take you on a week-long adventure of a lifetime, deep into the jungle.

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