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Bukit Lawang Green Class Program

Bukit Lawang Green Class Program

Green Class is a local initiative set up 5 years ago in Gotong Royong, a village close to Bukit Lawang in North Sumatra. At present it has no outside support or sponsor and is run by locals.
Green Class is a weekly ‘class’ run each week for about 60 until 100 local children. Children travel from far away to join in with different activities such as learning some English words, traditional dancing, music, craft activities, soap making and recycling plastic to make bags etc. The ‘class’ gathers around an open area outside of one of the primary schools. They have no shelter or class room. The class is very interactive and is often standing up, making noise and running around. This is in direct contrast to Indonesian schools where teaching is very formal and pupils are expected to be silent.
If it rains the class has to finish early.
Once a month the class goes on a ‘field trip’, often to Bukit Lawang where they walk a short trail and learn about animals and the environment.


Bukit Lawang and North Sumatra is one of only two places in the world where you can still see wild orangutans and a myriad of other species which are indigenous to Gunung Leuser National Park. Protection of the environment is most effective when it engages the local community. One of the goals of Green Class is to educate and inspire the younger generation into protecting the environment and propagating a feeling for how special this National Park is, not only to Indonesia, but to the world.
Preserving traditional cultures, which are in danger of disappearing, by teaching and practicing dance and music.
Teaching some basic English in a fun environment
Informing and showing the younger generation the importance of recycling, through craft activities and distribution of re-useable bags for shopping etc.


A simple shelter where they can carry on the weekly activities and not have to stop early if it rains. They do not require a formal classroom with tables and chairs. Even walls are not really necessary in this climate. They just need protection from the sun and rain.
Help with English teaching from native English speakers. This could be from playing games or just the opportunity to converse whilst students accompany a field trip. Teaching resources such as simple English story books would also be helpful
They would like to organise more field trips for the local kids. Possibly taking the children on longer jungle treks. Through interaction, games and fun with Western students, local kids may begin to see their world through the eyes of an outsider when witnessing the amazement and pleasure that many Westerners get from seeing the wildlife of the National Park. They may then themselves grasp onto the idea that it needs to be preserved.
Learning through fun. This is already being achieved
A future goal is to create a medicine garden and eco-farm when kids and you participants could help out


You could support this class by your donation. You could sending money that directly will spend to support the kids by buying tools for the class and school uniform.
You could also donate the tools for the school to addres that we added on bellow.
We make sure that all of your donation will goes to the right place and going to support the kids.


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